Valentine's Day: All You Need is Love

I think the Beatles had it right when they sang “All You Need Is Love”... there are days when we could all do with a little more of it in our lives, especially today when I seem to be fighting over everything from the boys’ obsession with Fortnite to the impact of Brexit.

You would think that of all people, I would be constantly feeling romantic considering I’m lucky enough to spend most of my days basking in the glow of my clients romances as they wonder over engagement rings and wedding bands. I should be walking around with rose-tinted glasses permanently fixed on my head, but sometimes even I need to remind myself of my own loves in my life and the romance I am lucky to share.

So with 10 days to go before Valentine’s Day – the one day of the year when the xBox argument can probably be forgotten – I have decided that rather than wait, I will be showing my boys how much I love them in some way every day – luckily I won’t be needing a diamond ring to do this as, in my 9-year-old’s case, a bundle of Fortnite V-Bucks would suffice.

Starting today, one of my intentions for this year is to remind myself that love and romance shouldn’t only be scheduled for February 14th (or scheduled at all for that matter!) – it should be a moment that happens every day and an action that we willingly take in order to make someone happy and shine a light on their day. So why would I wait 10 days when I can start now?

So whatever you have planned for this month of romance, I hope you enjoy it and continue buying flowers, or making dinner or simply making sure the PlayStation is charged up every day this year. We don’t need an excuse to spread the joy and in a world of too much anger, all we really do need is love (and maybe a go with those rose-tinted glasses)...

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