Top NFJ Jewellery Pieces to Take on Your Beach Holiday

The summer holidays are nearly upon us and with the promise of sun, sand, sea and Spritz (the Aperol kind!), it’s time to decide on what jewellery to take with you.

Whether it’s Ibiza or Italy, I can’t take my entire jewellery collection with me, so I have managed to choose the top Noble Fine Jewellery pieces that will sparkle on the beach and the bar…

Champagne Diamond Brushed Gold Earrings

These are my brilliant go-to earrings as they will take you from a day on the beach right through to a glam night out. I wear them most days as you can dress them up or down, and the colour and style really boosts my tan and the relaxed glow that comes with being away!

Blue Sapphire Feather Earrings

These aren’t one for the beach, but definitely for those special evenings where the great food, fantastic company and seemingly limitless rose make fantastic memories. I find the sapphires take on a new colour when we are away, and I love how the different light and reflections from the sea seems to enhance the deep blue.

"Stellar" White and Yellow Diamond Ring + "Stellar" White and Yellow Diamond Mini Ring

When I’m working or running around with the family, I’ve realised I don’t wear rings that often (apart from my wedding rings). Maybe it’s because I’m having to be more practical or I’m rushing too much in the mornings – either way, I love when I’m holiday as it’s a time to sparkle and "Stellar" rings are my favourites. They can be stacked together to make a real statement or worn separately for a more relaxed look.

"Stellar" Yellow and White Diamond Bracelet

Well, if I’m wearing the Stellar rings, then why wouldn’t I add on the bracelet – after all I am on holiday!? This bracelet is definitely an evening look and the yellow and white diamonds just pop out against a sun-kissed wrist, so ideal for a summer wardrobe.

"Lilibet" Diamond Halo Coin Necklace

"Lilibet" necklace is the newest addition to the Pure Collection, which means it has to come with me on holiday as I’m still loving playing with it in different looks and layers. Stunning on its own or layered with a "Kayla" or "Karly" necklace, it was inspired by my travels to London and is already in demand. I just need to remember I’m wearing it as otherwise I’m in danger of a rather strange tan mark!

"Rainbow" Fancy Coloured Diamond Necklace

Living in Antwerp, the opportunity for boasting a natural tan let alone showing it off by removing the several layers of warm clothes required during a Belgian summer, does not happen very often. Therefore, when there is a hint of bronze about me, I immediately put on my "Rainbow" necklace. The piece can be customized with Zimmi diamonds that are even more striking on a tanned neck and the complementary fancy diamonds in sunshine colours really keep my holiday mood going, even when it seems like an age since we were away and the clouds are back.

Tips to Store Your Jewellery while Travelling

Packing properly and travel insurance isn’t just reserved for avoiding spillages in my make-up bag or surviving a hotel mishap! I always make sure I am insured to travel with my jewellery and I try to ensure each piece is wrapped properly and protected in a secure and locked suitcase. For those that can go in a soft jewellery bag in my suitcase (e.g. necklaces and link bracelets), I make sure they are nestled in the middle and cushioned by clothes. For rings and my "Stellar" bracelet, I pack them in small boxes so they can’t get bent out of shape, and if I can, I try to carry them with me on the plane.

Wishing you a fabulous summer of sunshine scenes and sparkles… What will you be taking with you?

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