Top Five Tips to Finding the Perfect Engagement Ring

When it comes to buying an engagement ring for the woman of your dreams, I’ve come to realize that it doesn’t matter how accomplished or successful you are at business or industry – it’s fair to say that most of my clients arrive at their initial consultation a little nervous, a bit shy and feeling slightly overwhelmed at the decisions they have to make.

So to help all the grooms (and brides) to-be, here are the five questions you should ask yourself when choosing your engagement ring.

Who is the Bride?

This is the first question any groom-to-be should ask themselves. What is her personality – is she the girl that wants a huge stone that draws attention or is she someone that is more subtle and intimate? Or does she prefer classic white diamonds, or she prefers something unique like our yellow Zimmi diamonds. Is she sporty and active (and so may want a ring that’s more suited to that lifestyle?) or is she more into fashion, culture and drama?

What Other Jewellery is She Going to Wear with Her Engagement Ring?

Does she wear more gold or platinum? Does she favour more vintage pieces or modern styles? Are there any traditions in her family that you should consider or heirlooms she loves – one client of mine’s mother-in-law was adamant we had to use the stones from her ring as part of a family tradition, which meant a unique design that could honour the past but also allow the groom to decide on their future.

Are You Proposing with the Engagement Ring or is She Choosing It Herself?

I have had some clients that want to be involved in every step of the process from choosing the stone to designing the setting, so they can surprise their bride with a perfect ring. And I have also had other clients who have set the budget and left their bride to create their own piece. Only you know your bride to know which one she would prefer…

How is She Going to Wear It?

Most of my clients want to create an engagement ring with Zimmi diamonds or that will be worn every day and never taken off – but that might not be for everyone. Some brides prefer to wear just their wedding band day-to-day, so with that in mind it is important to consider how the two pieces sit together – are they designed to fit in together or can they be worn independently?

What is Your Budget?

Gone are the days when tradition said it should be 3 x the monthly salary – the number is up to you and we can work with whatever price you give us, so you shouldn’t be concerned about being upfront from the start. However small or large the budget, we are determined to create a show-stopper ring, and there are stones and settings that can help the professionals do this.

But finally, the biggest advice I can give is to remember why you are choosing an engagement ring in the first place… it’s because you want to spend the rest of your life with your bride who is wearing a symbol of your love. When you look it at that honestly and simply, why wouldn’t she love it!?

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