Top 10 Engagement Ring Trends & Styles in 2020

From Secret Halos to Statement Eternity Rings and Fancy-Shaped Side Stones, we reveal what brides are hoping to be proposed with this year

Every Noble Bride has a vision of their dream engagement ring and we love to work with our couples on designing the perfect wedding jewellery set. Here are a few of the trends and styles that we are looking forward to creating this year…

1. Coloured Diamonds or Gemstones: are a great way of adding colour or drama to an engagement ring. Emeralds, Sapphires and Yellow diamonds – particularly the intense, rare Zimmi Diamonds – make for a unique and standout design.

Zimmi Diamond Double Halo Band Engagement Ring

2. Yellow Gold: is making a comeback! After years of Platinum or White Gold being the most popular metals, brides are coming back to Yellow Gold (and even Rose Gold is becoming more requested).

Leona Round Diamond Designer Engagement Ring

3. Elongated Diamond Shapes: Interest in elongated diamond shapes is really growing - Pinterest searches for elongated cushion engagement rings alone were up by 143% last year! Many brides are looking for alternative shapes to the traditional ‘round’ shapes including Marquise, Pear and Oval cuts.

Lessie Marquis Diamond Engagement Ring

4. Stacked or Nested Engagement Rings: After Justin and Hailey Beiber’s wedding in 2019, this style has become more sought-after, allowing brides to wear a traditional engagement ring but add a modern twist with a complementary bands.

Zoey Chevron Wedding Band

5. Fancy Shaped Eternity Rings: instead of opting for a traditional engagement ring, brides are choosing statement eternity band-styles for a unique look that brings together the wedding band, engagement ring and eternity band into one design.

Charlotte Diamond Wedding Band

6. Secret or Seamless Halos: diamond halos will always be popular as a style, however there are new ways of introducing the subtle sparkle to an engagement ring design with seamless settings and incorporating stones on the band sides and lower settings.

Louisa Oval Diamond Seamless Halo Engagement Ring

7. Fancy-shaped Side Stones: engagement ring side stones are not a new style, however bringing in different and unique shapes like baguette, trapeze and marquis stones into the design add a different dimension to the final look.

Lea Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

8. Floating Shared Prong style: minimal and elegant band styling allows for a delicate sparkle that is ideal for wedding bands.

9. Stackable Engagement and Wedding rings: designing the wedding band trilogy (engagement, wedding and eternity rings) as a complete stack of diamond bands creates a unique statement look that can be interchangeable.

10. Multiple Stones: we all know the traditional three-stone engagement ring design, however this year we are expecting to see even more stones incorporated into styles as brides look to create a new modern style.

For more engagement ring design ideas and how our team can create your dream wedding collection, call +32 497 239 403 or get in touch with our team here.

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