Reimagining Your Jewellery: Bringing the Old Back to Life

As the seasons change so does our sense of style, which is why it’s no surprise that once upon a time no one would be seen wearing a stack of chunky yellow gold necklaces, but today that colour is back in fashion and even pink gold is having a revival. And just like back in our school days when we all wanted to wear was pearls… now they just remind us of our grandmothers.

Jewellery – like any fashion or accessory today – is as adaptable and changeable as the catwalks themselves. They can be altered and upgraded, reimagined and redesigned to suit who you are today and how you want to wear them.

So many of our clients have special pieces that have been given as gifts over the years that just don’t represent who they are today, so they lie gathering dust in a safe or jewellery box. They have fallen out of love with them but feel loathe to redesign them, which is such a shame as there are so many ways that we can bring them back to life and allow you to enjoy wearing them again (and wasn’t that the point of giving them as a gift in the first place?).

Vintage ring redesigned into 3 multicoloured eternity bands 

But before we all go digging around in our jewellery boxes and turning earrings into bracelets, or upgrading all our stones and settings, here are a few things to remember before you start the ‘reimagining’…

Have Your Jewellery Valued to Ensure Remodelling Is Worth It

Many of our clients come to us with beautiful vintage pieces that have been inherited or gifted where they would like to reuse the stones or gold. By having it valued, you can discover whether the piece is actually worth more as an original then it ever would be within a new design. In these cases, it is better to leave it as an original.

Check Your Pieces Can Be Remodelled

This is especially important for vintage or antique pieces as the technological advances in jewellery manufacturing today means that many of the stones would have to be repolished (which would also reduce their value) and the gold may not be in the same category as current standards. You may not get the finished piece that you’re looking for if you don’t check first.

Vintage diamond brooch redesigned into a cocktail ring

Check Your Stones

If you are planning to upgrade your stones or mix old and new stones or even introduce other colours, make sure you work closely with a diamond expert to ensure the final result is perfect. Older stones may not have the same cut, colour or clarity as newer ones, which is why Noble Fine Jewellery’s in-house diamond expert, Elie Chodos works on each piece to find the perfect stones to match your design.

Get Inspired

Start building an idea of what you want to do with your piece – are you mixing a few pieces together or breaking them up into different styles (one client transformed a necklace into three sets of earrings!)? How do you want to wear it – formal or informal? All those ideas and questions will help you and your jeweller work out the best way to remodel your piece/s, and by working directly with our team of goldsmiths we can ensure your dream design is possible to make into a reality.

If you have jewellery that is gathering dust in your drawer, get in touch with us for more information about our bespoke design service, and how we can bring your pieces back to life and make you fall in love with them all over again.

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