How To Choose Earrings To Suit Your Face Shape

Earrings are more than just a fashion accessory… Aside from bringing extra colour and brightness to your face and eyes, the right earrings can alter the dimensions of your face and help to complement your unique dimensions, which is why we always consult with our clients before they choose for either themselves or as a gift to ensure they are choosing the right style or design for them.

If you are looking for a new pair of earrings, have a look at our quick guide below to choosing the best earrings to suit your face shape (you may be surprised!).


A round face is complemented by drop or dangle earrings in order to elongate or slim your face, so try to avoid round or hoop shapes as it will only highlight the roundness. Our "Tennis" Orange & White Diamond Line Earrings or "Rainbow" Fancy Coloured & White Diamond Drop Earrings would be ideal for adding drama and length to your look.


Choose earrings that will emphasize the width of your face with either small studs, clusters or hoops in small to medium sizes. Our "Kaci" Diamond Hoops would be perfect for you and you are able to adapt the colour of stones, gold or gems if you want to work with your own colouring.


Soften up your edges with earrings that are medium to long with round or oval shapes. You would look fabulous in over-sized round hoops or chandeliers. For a dramatic evening chandelier look, our "Rainbow" Fancy Coloured Diamond Earrings are breathtaking as well as ideal for your shape.


As with the square-shaped face, we are trying to soften the edges so avoid triangle or pointed shapes and choose large ovals, small circles or designs with curved bottoms. It might we worth trying our Round Diamond Ear Crawler to see how the round stones and curved bottom edge complement your look?


For heart-shaped faces earrings that are wider at the bottom then at the top so chandeliers, triangular and pear-shapes work really well. Our Pearl & Diamond Basket Earrings with their stunning wide drop design would be stunning on you.


The oval-shape face is the most common shape in women and it is also the best shape for earrings, so you can wear any shape as they will all work for you. With such a wide array of styles at your fingertips, you must try our Diamond Feather Earrings available in White or Black Diamonds as well as Blue Sapphires – they are Noble Fine Jewellery’s signature look and our first design (so they are pretty special to us all!).

Finding Your Face Shape

If you need help working out your face shape, here are three questions to ask yourself:

What is the widest part of your face?

Have a look at your forehead, cheeks and jaw – whichever is widest will help determine your category.

Forehead = oval categories, cheeks = round faces, jaw = square face shapes.

What is the shape of your jaw?

If you have a round jaw it is most likely you have a round or oval face, a strong jawline usually means a square face while a pointy chin could be considered a heart-shaped.

What is the length of your face?

Short = this normally means a round face, if it’s long then it’s probably oval.

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