Graduation Jewellery Gift Guide: NFJ Top 5 Picks

I was told on my Graduation Day over 20 years ago, that “There is no script…” which looking back on those words, could not be more true. We all have to write our own story in our own voice and style.

And it was on that day standing in my cap and gown, that I received my first pair of diamond earrings as a graduation present from my family. They were a symbol of the work and determination I had put into my studies, and also a badge to wear with me on my next steps.

I would wear those graduation earrings during all my most important moments – my first job interview, my first date, my first client meeting. They still come out during my ‘grown-up’ moments.

So as the exam season is upon us and the school days are soon to be behind us, here are Noble Fine Jewellery’s best-selling graduation jewellery gifts. While I had my earrings, there are so many other ways to mark such a special occasion, here are our suggestions:

Single Diamond Bracelet

This piece is such a lovely way to begin a diamond jewellery collection, it can be worn every day either on its own or as part of a stack with our Barette Bracelet. Fresh and modern, it doesn’t overwhelm but is still so precious. Many of our clients get matching mother-daughter bracelets made for graduation, and still wear them today, many years later.

"Lana" Diamond Stud Earrings

A timeless classic – you can’t go wrong with a pair of diamond stud earrings as a graduation gift. While mine were square cut and still on trend, many of our clients prefer the round cut, which are just as stunning.

"Kaci" Diamond Hoop Earrings

Be prepared to be a little jealous when you hand this gift over as many of our clients find it hard to do so! Ideal if they want to wear them as a second pair as we can adjust the stones and colours if they want a different finish that is unique to them.

"Karly" Diamond Necklace

If earrings and bracelets aren’t their style, our "Karly" Diamond Necklace is simple-yet-stunning which means our graduates can wear it for the boardroom and the bar! They can dress it up or down depending on where their careers take them, and yet always keep them with you.

"Kayla" Diamond Drop Necklace

While our "Karly" Necklace is simple and delicate, our other favourite – the "Kayla" Diamond Drop Necklace – could be described as being more bold, which is fitting as that is all we ever want for our children: to be brave and bold. This simple carat diamond necklace can continue to be updated and modernised as they carry on up the career ladder and their styles and needs change.

So as the school days are soon to be forgotten, I wish everyone graduating all the very best. Remember to be bold, be courageous, be your best. Oh, and find a great pair of earrings… they’ll be with you through everything!

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