Coronavirus: Is there a positive path we can try to take as diamond jewellers?

As the world goes through this unprecedented and anxious time, here are the five positive ways I will be building my business and nurturing my relationships during these challenging times...

As every day brings new challenges and uncertainties, there are still positive ways we as business owners and members of the diamond industry can continue to control and grow our businesses and brands.

Here are the five ways I will be using this time of isolation and silence to strengthen the foundations of Noble Fine Jewellery so we come out of this time with a passion, energy and positivity we will all need to bounce back stronger than ever:

1. Engaging with existing clients: during the day-to-day running of the business, I do not have the time and space I would like to connect with our clients, so now has been a great opportunity to connect with them and wish them well. The relationships I have with all our clients is one of the real pleasures I gain from the business, so to be able to reconnect over the past few weeks has been wonderful. As jewellers we get to share so many special and happy times with our clients, and now is the time to keep in touch during the darker days – especially for our clients whose weddings and anniversary celebrations have had to be postponed.

2. Discover new clients: thanks to social media, starting new relationships with new clients and contemporaries both locally and internationally is still possible even during these times of social distancing. From being inspired by fellow jewellers, to following new design and fashion trends or just listening to what your target audience are engaging with or looking for – this is a great time to continue your brands’ audience research and development through your phone or laptop at home.

3. Reviewing my collections: I am looking forward to having the head space to really review where the business is today and where I want it to go – we have come so far over the past seven years that it will be wonderful to reflect on the journey we have been on and where we want to go. When you are in the daily operations, there is never the time to take a step back and look at how your business is performing and what collections and styles are (or are not) working. That time is now.

4. Taking Control: from my pile of paperwork to the speed of our website to the industry coursework notes, SEO updates and ongoing policy and insurance updates – every business can take this time to get their house in order, so that when this is over we can all come back stronger and more together than ever.

5. Taking the Time: the world and our priorities have shifted, and in many respects we will never really be the same again. Which is why I am also taking this time to reflect on how I want myself and my business to reflect on the new world that will be around me…. To reflect on how I behave in the world and what my business says about me. To reflect on my relationships with my suppliers and clients and if they can work better. To expand on my network within the diamond industry and other female entrepreneurs. How I balance my life as a business owner and mother. My place in this industry and what I want to achieve in it.

Looking for the positives can be hard during these uncertain times, however I’m encouraged that my to-do list for the business is so long and determined. Now is the time to come together (even though we are apart!) and support and prepare for the next phase in our industry’s history and be instrumental in our world to come.

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