Anyone for a Tennis Bracelet? Introduction and Useful Tips

With the French Open in June, Wimbledon in July and The US Open in August, the summer is always associated with tennis – and especially this month as the All England Tennis Club stocks up on champagne and strawberries and hosts the worlds’ best players dashing around the grass courts in their pristine whites.

Tennis is also a sport that the diamond world has a strong relationship with thanks to that famous match played by Chris Evert at the 1987 US Open when her diamond bracelet fell off her wrist during a particularly ferocious match and the-then World No.1 had to ask the umpire to stop the match so she could find it while the court (and the watching world) looked on.

Chris Evert at the 1987 US Open

Since that day, that style of bracelet – which was originally called the Line Diamond Bracelet - has been referred to as the Tennis Bracelet and is still one of the most popular designs and sought-after gifts with our clients today.

When it comes to designing a Tennis Bracelet, many of our clients come to us looking to create their own look either for themselves to wear or as a special gift, and we are able to work with them on a style that is unique to them. Our consultations normally begin with the colour of the metal (ranging from platinum through to rose gold) and then the shape of the stones (round, emerald or princess cuts are best), and also the colour of the stones (some of our clients have added colours like pink diamonds, sapphires or emeralds to their bracelets).

Round Diamond Tennis Bracelet

There is no fixed formula with a Tennis Bracelet (or Line Diamond Bracelet to give it it’s official name) as it is there to be personalised and have fun with, however there are guidelines when it comes to the length: a Tennis Bracelet should always be kept loose and the general recommendation is to ensure you can fit one finger between the bracelet and your wrist (which normally is between 7 – 7.5 inches / 18- 19 cm). It also doesn’t matter which wrist you wear it on, however as most people are right-handed, it is more commonly worn on the left as that hand is used less and a Tennis Bracelet also looks elegant when complemented with your watch.

As it is designed to be worn every day, keeping your Tennis Bracelet clean is important and needs to be done regularly and our recommendation is to mix some warm water and washing up liquid in a small bowl  - you will only need about an inch of water to cover the bracelet but make sure you use enough detergent to make bubbles – soak the bracelet in the bowl for 15 minutes and then use a soft toothbrush to gently scrub the diamonds before rinsing off and leaving to dry.

Round Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Also, ensure the clasps and fittings are secure as your Tennis Bracelet will be seeing a lot of action both on and off the court – this is why it is essential to use trusted jewellers to place your stones, ensure the length is correct and the clasps are secure. After all, Chris Evert only had her side of the tennis court to look for her bracelet… the last thing you would want is for it to fall off and not know where to start in finding it! 

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